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Countdown – Blinded Souls

The pleasure of listening to something short, but so destructive and brutally aggressive that in less than half an hour your brains are out

Countdown Blinded Souls
Artist: Countdown
Title: Blinded Souls
Release: CD
Year: 2012
Label:  Marked For Death Records

In my humble personal experience Belgium has always been a synonym for one of the darkest and rawest sides of European music.

The five-piece Vilvoorde hardcore unit Countdown is certainly not an exception. In less than 5 years of existense they established their own sound, which besides surely satisfying for the followers of Arkangel, Integrity and Ring Worm has found its roots in even heavier reincarnations of music as doom and sludge, All of this results in a rough and abrassive metal, carrying the metalic taste of the 90’s hardcore. After the 12” The World of Us And We was put out in 2011 by Power Sludge Records, in February 2012, Countdown reminded once again about themselves with Blinded Souls.

A six-track EP, lasting only 20 minutes, with exactly this length being one of its strongest points. If I should name only one thing that I like in hardcore music, that would be its the pleasure of listening to something short, but so destructive and brutally aggressive, that in less than half-an hour your brains are out, and you are just left there hanging senseless. That’s pretty much the effect of Blinded Souls.

If the opener Mass Murderer (backed up by an official live video) only shows you the teeth of this band, during the groovy and bouncy Love Is War and Kill you’re gradually crushed and chewed. Diabolatryputs you in the comforting stasis of digestion and decay, until the apocalypse unveiled in In a Dying World and the self-titled closing piece Bliding Souls finally spread the cold soil on your freshly spit remains. What else do you want, I’m sorry if it was mercy or remorse.

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