Compulsion To Kill – Exhumed Carcass Of Reality

22 tracks of brutal grindviolence from Malaysia.


Artist: Compulsion To Kill

Title: Exhumed Carcass Of Reality

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2022

Label: Shitresist

Formed in 2006 in Sabah and later relocated to Kuala Lumpur, Compulsion to Kill (CxTxK) are one of the most prolific and unapologetic bands in Malaysia’s recently thriving mincegrindviolence scene. They’ve been particularly active this past year, releasing a split with Blackfire, an EP called Peninsular Grindviolence, and the album we’re talking about today, Exhumed Carcass of Reality.

Currently being a trio, they deliver a surprisingly full yet compact sound. These 22 tracks of brutal political grindcore with a touch of powerviolence will leave you wanting more of the same—very deep growls, original and non-repetitive riffing and a drummer every grind band should envy; timely, ridiculously fast and of course a lot of double bass drumming with a constant onslaught of perfectly placed blastbeats. You won’t get tired of the growls as the vocalist changes his technique frequently and delivers some pretty decent shrieks and mid-growls as well.

There’s also a slight Japanese chaotic style grind influence—bands like Gore Beyond Necropsy, Unholy Grave and Damage Digital come to mind, but most of all their own cult noisegrind compatriots Torture Incident (RIP), with whom they once shared some members. All around, CxTxK’s latest album is the perfect grindviolence album—lyrically, conceptually, thematically and last but not least, its production is miles ahead compared to their previous efforts. And let’s not forget the copious amount of reverb they use on everything, which makes you feel like you’re being mercilessly tortured in some Mexican cartel warehouse.

Released on vinyl by Shitresist Records, on cassette by Hardcore Detonation and digitally by the band themselves, get yourself a copy and if you want more brutality of the same kind—check out their EP from the same year Peninsular Grindviolence, their splits with Needful Things, Rottingrex, Tools of the Trade and also the aforementioned, now sadly deceased connected band Torture Incident, also from the same great scene. You will not be disappointed.

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