Colossloth – Anchored By Lungs EP

An awesome introduction to Colossloth but way too short to sufficiently represent his immense music and sound

collosloth epArtist: Colossloth

Title: Anchored By Lungs EP

Release: Digital

Year: 2014

Label: Peripheral Records (UK)

Nothing beats hearing music that uncompromisingly hurts your brain and remains in the wound it made there forever. Nothing beats hearing that music for the first time live. This is exactly how I met Colossloth’s sounds. I was touring the UK in early April with Tim Holehouse and on our second London show we shared the same stage/floor with that project. Hailing from England’s Leicester his sound is not something you come across very often. And I’m sure even such a small release as the Anchored By Lungs can prove that. You have just three tracks which are pretty enough to leave you confused what exactly is happening. A total favorite eversince Colossloth’s live in London’s MKII is the self-titled piece. With its cutting strings penetrating the shattering wall of wavey distorted drones beneath. It kinda reminds me of another UK favorite – Slowthaw’s Red Beach on Aetheric Records. After that comes the music box of Welcome Home Mourning Voyeur and the calm Feint Hearted, those two leave a strong feeling a lot has been left unsaid and you are just there hanging eager for more.

Actually my only criticism towards this record is in exactly that direction. Anchored By Lungs is way too short. Three minutes are really, really insufficient for all astonishing ideas and addictive sounds Colossloth has placed in his music. The press for the record is a promise for a full-length, however the next release announced is a 7″ coming again on Peripheral Records. I hope on this one he’ll be able to either develop his music in longer pieces or somehow limit himself idea-wise not to leave us with so much material to wonder over. Now I go play Anchored By Lungs again, and Wooly, if you’re reading this, I’m still waiting for the stems to remix this one!

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