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Chronic Abuse – Civil Society EP

Kicks you in the head with a steel-capped boot.

chronic-abuse-civil-society-epArtist: Chronic Abuse

Title: Civil Society

Release: 7″ / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: SFR Hardcore, Amok Records

The first release by CHRONIC ABUSE kicks you in the head with a steel-capped boot!

Upon first hearing this short EP, I was already convinced there’s a lot of exemplary old school hardcore punk coming out recently. In this case, C.A. belt out four solid tracks of everlasting UK82 sound with defiant political lyrics and a definite street-justice attitide.

No frills and no overproduced crap, Civil Society brings the essentials that I’m sure a lot of punks are always looking for. Basically, this intercontinenal band consists of Dortmund, Germany based Tim Corleone (Short Fuse, Complete Loss) doing all the instruments, and US based Adam Thomas (Blood Pressure, No Time, Concealed Blade) taking on the vocal duties and writing all the lyrics. I’m not sure how they’ll make it on tour, probably they’ll find some other members to fill in. However, this is a band that lives up to everything we hoped for, it’s still raw and completely fresh stuff with a confrontantional message that is right on.

We all know that cops are fucking class traitors and the civil society is full of shit, but if you’re on the lookout for modern bands in the tradition of Blitz, The Partisans, etc. CHRONIC ABUSE is probably the tightest band in the genre I’ve heard in a while. Stop reading and hunt this down. There’s only 200 copies pressed.


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