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Call of support for the Trece Monos Space

Call of support for the Trece Monos Space in Salamanca, evicted on june 2nd.

The Trece Monos (13 Monos) social center and venue in Salamanca, Spain, was raided by the police and evicted on the night of last Saturday, June 2nd. What follows is an account taken from their collective statement on the events of the evening:

Around 10:30PM, a disproportionate police force broke into one of our events without warning. Event in which about twenty members were participating. At all times they acted violently, without justifying their actions and with an intimidatory attitude towards the present members.

The police force searched both the location and the people including their personal belongings, which were examined despite their owner’s disagreement. After insisting, we were told that their presence was due to an eviction and closure notice which they never facilitated. After more than two hours of individual registrations, taking photos of the site and the materials without explanation, and having confiscated solidarity donation jars and the food we all shared they proceeded to the closing and sealing of the space.

Our goal as a group is the promotion of culture out of commercial logic, to make it accessible for as many people as possible, always in a voluntary, unselfish way.  e have never had any problems with our environment, what is more, we have a good relationship with our neighbors.

We therefore protest the town hall’s approach, who’s only goal is to control and avoid any and every cultural activity that develops out of their narrow policy framework.

We want the town to be aware of this incident, protest the intolerant approach the town hall has taken and make a call for mobilization in support of free, accessible culture. We also want to thank the people who showed up at the site to aid during the events, as well as the support we have received, from kindred cultural groups to musical groups that have been in the location and individuals both inside and out of state boundaries.





They called for a demonstration of the people of the town against such repression against their space for Wednesday at 20:00 on Gran Vía street, #1. To a larger extent it shows another good example of the current state of repression of punk & other counter-cultural spaces not only happening ‘outside’ of Western Europe. The pictures illustrating this were taken at the second edition of the Bike Punk Fest that happened in Trece Monos earlier this spring, at the end of which harassment from the police on a much smaller scale also happened.


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