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Bluesbreaker – Palais Ideal

Four years after their last record Ukraine's Bluesbreaker come back with a fresh new take on hardcore

bluesbreaker-palais-idealArtist: Bluesbreaker

Title: Palais Ideal

Release: Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Self-Released

Founded in 2010, Bluesbreaker is a band from Kiyv, Ukraine. For all of their hardcore attitude, wild Russian border tour stories and DIY relentlessness, Bluesbreaker have streamed their first new recordings since 2014. But there’s more to be said about “Palais Ideal”, because these 6 tracks are actually some of the most interesting 13 minutes I’ve heard from an Eastern European hardcore band in quite a while.

Palais Ideal” kicks off with the shoegazey instrumental track of the same name that preludes smoothly into the groovy hardcore riffs of “Hermit”, an old Bluesbreaker song that actually served as an opener for their 2014’s self-titled record. The new studio recording of “The Hermit” is a bit more polished and nicely produced than its previous version. “Big Puppy” comes up next with thick bass lines and vigorous guitars that bring forth some stoner rock influences into the mix. Singer Mike’s vocals are also pretty diverse, breaking up what could have been a typical and repetitious hardcore yells or growls.

The following “Glimpse”, “Marble”, and “Overthrown” are the highlights on the record. They have this catchy grungy vibe into them, but at the same time remain as hard-punching and energetic as they are intended to be—two-minute hardcore punk hitters. Actually, there’s not a single track on here approaching the three minute mark.

So, overall, six song played in less than 13 minutes. “Palais Ideal” is a fresh take on hardcore’s sense of immediacy blended with a variety of slower and more melodic thrills of contemporary rock music. Bluesbreaker are a cornerstone of their local scene and try really hard to make memorable songs that are powerful and melodic at the same time. We can be sure that they will influence many others to also do their own thing and put their hearts into it.

The only thing I don’t like about the record is the lack of lyrics uploaded on their bandcamp page. The cover artwork is also very cool and hopefully someday this will be released on vinyl with a lyrics sheet inside.

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