Berthold City – Moment of Truth EP

If you aren't punching the floor side to side by the end of Moment of Truth then I don't know what the hell is wrong with you.

berthold-city-moment-of-truth-epArtist: Berthold City

Title: Moment of Truth

Release: 7″ / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: WAR Records

If you like hardcore brimming with tons of energy, this record will most definitely get you punching the floor in no time or pointing your finger high as you are singing along to these straight edge bangers.

Featuring members of Final Fight, Allegiance, Internal Affairs, and the legendary Strife among many others, LA’s Berthold City are rooted in the scene to the bone. With such an impressive line-up, the music is bound to deliver some great outburst of hardcore fury, and so it does.

Their latest Moment of Truth EP is six tracks of SXE hardcore following the simple but effective formula of In My Eyes, Judge, and Project X. Andrew Kline’s vocals overflow with energy and enthusiasm, providing an unadulterated intensity and power to every song on the record. The lyrics are barebone simplistic but bound to make an impact. Mastered by the NYHC legend Don Fury and executed by some true veterans in the scene, you have a pretty solid 7″ that is posi-jumping high above the run-of-the-mill youth crew revival bands.

Moment of Truth isn’t exactly reinventing the genre with it’s standard fast parts, breakdowns, and gang vocals but it’s produced to almost near perfection. So, if you aren’t punching the floor side to side by the end of Moment of Truth then I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you. In the end of the day, these guys have been involved in hardcore for decades, they know the game quite well and Berthold City is a prove they still love it as much as they did when they were in high school.

Oh, yeah… if you’re asking what the heck with the name Berthold City, I’ll tell you right away. It’s a famous font used in the artwork of bands like SSD, Chain of Strength, Gorilla Biscuits, and many others. So, next time you want to start a straightforward youth crew inspired hardcore band, you can download the font and make your name stand out in bold letters too.

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