Babyshico – demo

They are bored, they are angry, they want to play fast and scream loud

Artist: Babyshico

Title: Demo

Release: Tape / CD / Digital

Year: 2017

Label: Abolir Records / Undernoise Records

Powerviolence is fun. It’s always very youthful and most of the time people in these bands don’t take themselves too seriously. There’s silly jokes in the lyrics, song names, and album covers. They are bored, they are angry, they want to play fast and scream loud. That’s just the way it is.

Babyshico it’s a hardcore punk/powerviolence band from Concepción, Chile. While they are very far from the capital, they surely do hate most of the things people in their hometown like, so they try to escape the shit of their city through some raw music.

The demo starts right off, and the first thing we notice is a serious Spazz and Charles Bronson worship. They even have a live cover of the latter. High-pitched screams and low gorilla-like vocals are mixed in with a heavily distorted bass and fuzzy guitars. You know the drill. Hard hitting, fast-paced beats interplayed with slow parts to contrast the overall energy blast. Nothing fancy, straight in your face.

They are killer live, but on this demo they don’t give us much more. It leaves us hanging. They are still fairly new, so we will have to wait for a new release with new songs to see were all this could go. I hope they give us something more drastic, beyond what No Comment and Crossed Out gave us in the past.

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