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Amitié / Karloff – Split EP

Short, beautiful and emotional.

amitie-karloff-split-5Artist: Amitié / Karloff

Title: Split EP

Release: Tape / 5″ / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: No Funeral, Illuminate My Heart, Zegema Beach Records

This 5-inch piece of music might be the most unlikely vinyl format you’ll encounter in 2020.

Canadian screamo label extraordinaire Zegema Beach Records already did it though with their Foxmoulder / Coma Regalia split 5″ released back in 2014, while some other labels and DIY af bands have been doing it more often in the 1990s.

Amitié and Karloff are two more recent bands that both play some intense and cathartic music that would probably find a home next to your Orchid & Saetia records. This extremely short release (two and a half minutes in total) provides us with two songs, one from each band.

Amitié start things off with a classic emotive instrumental intro going all the way through half of the song, then suddenly hits into a raging blast of octave chords, punishing hardcore breakdowns and intense screaming. Think of bands like Uranus, Shikari, and Reversal of Man.

On the flipside we have Karloff with more off-kilter rhythms but no less spectacular take on the real screamo sound. The band features No Funeral Records founder and some other ace folks who know the game pretty well. Still intense and compelling, their music is more versatile, sentimental, and unsparing in its emotional delivery. Think of Honeywell, Saetia, or Off Minor meet early 2000s German screamo bands.

The record is ultra limited to 50 beautiful handpainted cassette tapes and 30 lathe cuts on a 5″ piece of vinyl from No Funeral, Illuminate My Heart, and Zegema Beach Records. Beautiful artwork and fantastic tracks from both bands!


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