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Agnosy – When Daylight Reveals The Torture

Five years after "Traits of the Past", Agnosy continue to evolve their pulverizing crust metal sound.

agnosy-when-daylight-reveals-the-tortureArtist: Agnosy

Title: When Daylight Reveals The Torture

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Profane Existence, Scream Records

London-based crust quartet Agnosy have finally released their third full-length LP When Daylight Reveals The Torture through the legendary Profane Existence label in the US and Scream Records in Poland.

Their general approach has remained pretty much the same for almost nine years of existence, but they have invested a lot of effort, time and resources to make this record as crushingly good as possible. Honestely, I’ve never been a fan of straight up thrash and death metal, but I love metallic crust and classic stenchcore in the veins of Deviated Instinct, Stormcrow, Hellshock, or Sanctum. Dark, down-tunned metallic sound with galloping drums, chugging riffs and gruff, nightmarish vocals is what Agnosy and all the prototypal bands mentioned above are all about.

In these seven new songs, Agnosy are doing whatever it takes to find the perfect balance between brooding metal and the original punk feel so important to the genre. And while there is still plenty of heavy metallic riffs and pounding d-beat moments, Agnosy continue to evolve past the standard musical aesthetics of their peers. When Daylight Reveals The Torture is moving the crust punk sound forward with a more complex songwriting than both of their previous records, incorporating some driving, prog-rock hooks and dynamic changes. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, the production is just as excellent as the genre allows, so you can feel the full brunt of their pulverizing sound. Lyrically, the record reveals deeply political undertones—the rising tide of fascism around the world, the revolution in Rojava and the invasion of Afrin, as well as some more domestic, straight forward themes such as how hunters are fucking scum.

In general, When Daylight Reveals The Torture qualifies as one of the best and well-produced crust records I’ve heard this year. We can only hope that more bands aim for such quality.

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