UR – s/t

Epic doom, led by shattering guitar riffs and modern production – the self-titled LP by UR is a quite advised listen

ur self-titledArtist: UR

Title: s/t

Release: LP / CD / digital

Year: 2014

Label: Droneburg Records

UR is a Dresden-based doom quintet and they have everything you’d want from a band playing that kind of music. Their self-titled LP came out in the end of 2014 and it’s a listen you’d definitely enjoy if you like to swim deep in the slow and spacey depths of contemporary doom. Low tuned, heavily deformed by distortion guitars, which dominate the mix, and immensely reverberated low roars. That’s basically how UR decided to build their music. On the LP you’ll find three long pieces, which range from the typical doom sound to completely instrumental passages and actually whole compositions since the third song is completely deprived of vocals. And with a very specific grim epicness added to all that.

The production is nice, very modern I’d say, I find the drums left in the mix maybe a bit quieter, which lets the guitars run the parade – drone doom style. The riffs and melodies however are more straight-forward doom. From time to time there will be a bassline coming forward and eventually staying alone to lead the piece somewhere else, which brings a nice diversity to the album and allows UR to build brutal climaxes, where the heavy distortion does its job – bring you deeper and deeper in the sound. The lyrics on this one are also pretty interesting. They’re short and concrete, telling stories from other realms, about distant empires, long-forgotten kings and solitairy struggles in desolated worlds.

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