Razgruha – Circle of Bastards EP

3 minutes of old fashioned grindcore coming from the Bulgarian capital

razgruha circle of bastardsArtist: Razgruha

Title: Circle of Bastards

Release: Digital 

Year: 2015

Label: DIY

The latest recordings of Sofia’s grindcore band Razgruha are now available online. What we have here is nothing less than three aggressive old school grindcore bangers that clock in just a little bit more than three minutes in total. It’s a short ride indeed but a great one for sure.

The artwork depicts that precious moment when the Ukrainian heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko knocked the fuck out of Bulgarian national pride represented by the bruised shitface of macho-moron Kubrat Pulev. If you need to compare Razgruha’s grindcore blasts with Klitschko’s punches you won’t be far from truth. Razgruha’s raging old fashioned grind comes straight to your face with an uncompromising lyrical delivery, steamrolling blastbeats and DIY as fuck attitude. What else could you ask for?

we hate music
no labels
no contracts
no merchandise
fuck off and die
no scene
no trends
we don’t like you
we hate your music
we hate your kin
fuck the kids
fuck the scene
no fake unity
no webzines
no sponsors
no distribution
quit your bands

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