MAKRUH – Self-Titled

Violent and impassioned debut from the Malaysian screamo band.


Artist: MAKRUH

Title: Self-Titled

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2021

Label: Bilik Chaos Records

From Seremban, Malaysia comes new screamo project MAKRUH with their self-titled tape release through Bilik Chaos Records. The band, made up of members of Sudirrrman, John Macbaren, A Lot Like Turd, Foire’ and Falter, play a style of screamo that would endear them to fans of early adopters like Orchid or Saetia, only with slightly more of a hardcore edge.

Opening track “Introvert” begins the record with a single twinkling guitar line before some nasty feedback builds over it and the rest of the band join in, thickening their admittedly lo-fi sound, at least on record. The chaos really begins with the introduction of the anguished vocals and the massive increase in pace on second track “Loyal”. The explosive drum fills and constant switching between blast beats, frenzied passages and desperate open sections will all be recognisable tropes for those more familiar with screamo, but the band carry them off so well that it is a delight for the converted and not a bad place to start for new comers.

A personal highlight is “Aghast”, a track where the speed and intensity is pushed almost to breaking point, which can be clearly heard in the vocals and for me this is feeling that screamo bands like this are all about. With the longest of the eleven tracks on this record, “Bloodlust”, clocking in at just over two minutes, it provides the only moment of refrain on offer, with tar thick distortion on the bass complementing the delicate guitar line before the band bring the chaos back at around half way mark.

MAKRUH’s self-titled is not a listen that demands a lot of patience with such a short length but does offer great rewards to anyone giving this a listen in its entirety, with points of interest in every track. The band show off some very creative riffs, breakdowns and moments of pure carnage all while managing not to repeat themselves, a very promising debut.


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