fénwär – s/t

Blistering anarcho-punk with d-beat influences from the island of Réunion.


Artist: fénwär

Title: s/t

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2024

Label: Blasting Dead Records, Bourre Pif Records, Déviance, DIY Koło Records, Keponteam, Lada, La Société Pue Prod, Mange Ton Maître, Shut Up And Play The Music, Zone Alternative

Fénwär come from Saint-Paul on the French island of Réunion and deliver an intense dose of anarcho-punk that could be reminiscent of Homomilitia, La Fraction, or even more recently Śmierć. An aural assault of excellent music that surprised me even further, as that region of the world has been pumping out some of the greatest punk rock (and everything adjacent) over the last few years.

The band has its element of blistering hardcore punk, however, the vocal delivery helps smooth things out a bit, giving it a sense of focused rage and determination. What breaks the mold about the band’s writing is the sporadic moments that give a sense of thought-out musicianship which doesn’t simply play fast to gain energy. There’s some great elements that spark creativity in the structures (i.e. the song “Dans la bouche d’une fille”).

One surprise that caught my attention was their cover of “Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing” by Discharge. There was a slight melodic note in the chorus that gave it a new twist. Tracks like “Call a pussy a cat” is straightforward, trim-the-fat punk rock with dual vocals that has an anthemic approach that gives a shot of adrenaline to pump your fist and scream along.

It’s nice to hear that every corner of the world is working in unison to create some of this generation’s best hardcore punk, and it’s nothing to take for granted. We’ve experienced plenty of lulls in our little world and I’m happy to know bands like fénwär are contributing to a culture of determination and resistance. Buy this.

P.S. While the digital release of the record came out in October 2023, the vinyl is still not out yet and is scheduled for Spring 2024 in collaboration between ten European DIY labels.


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