Born For Slaughter / Myteri – Split EP

Macedonia's Born For Slaughter meet melodic epic crust Myteri from Sweden

born for slaughter myteriArtists: Born For Slaughter / Myteri

Title: Split EP

Release: 7″ / Digital

Year: 2016

Label: Phobia Records, Svoboda Records, Dingleberry, Black Against Night, Schwinig Records, Halvfabrikat Records

Born For Slaughter is hellbent to deliver yet another slab of ripping, metallic crust about humanity’s patheticness. The band’s coming from Macedonia, a small Balkan country torn by past and future, political corruption and ethnic tensions, and most recently by natural disasters.

But when it comes to the DIY hardcore punk scene there, you can find some truly dedicated bands and individuals, doing things with real passion and punk rock imagination. The scene is really small and the number of crust/d-beat bands could be counted on the fingers of the hand. Really admirable, to say the least,

Born For Slaughter is one of the bands that already accomplished a European tour and a split 12″ vinyl (w/ Silence Means Death) behind their back. And to put it mildly, the two tracks on their newly released 7″ split EP with Sweden’s Myteri are their best up to date.

In “Prison’s Abyss” and “Dead Life” we feel all the misanthropic rage and hellhammered heftiness we could expect from a crust band like that.

On the flipside we have two songs of dark melodic crust from Sweden. Myteri’s sound is not unlike the torchbearers of melodramatic d-beat hardcore like Skitsystem and Disfear. I’m never getting disappointed by Swedish bands, be it hardcore or crust, and Myteri is definitely no exception.

It’s so awesome they made a split with a crust band from Macedonia. Both bands may not have reinvented the wheel, however they’re both playing tight and enjoyable type of extreme music, filled with grief and rad politics.

Now go to the Czech label Phobia Records and lurk some great crust/d-beat/grind records from all over the place!

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