Zine Review: Papercore #3

Aason interview, Andalucía scene report, Sharp Knives/Efa Supertramp UK tour report, and more.

It’s been more than a year since I wrote about the first issue of Papercore zine, and I’m quite happy to say that fourth issue is already on its way with deadlines for making contributions until the end of the month.

The third issue of this European DIY punk publication was stitched together during Spring and Summer 2020. As usual, you can look forward to a lot of interesting things to read.

There are columns written by punx all throughout the continent expressing not only their gratitude how great punk music & culture is, but also critical pieces about queer and female representation (and lack thereof), violence, and emancipation from heteropatriarchy within the punk scene and onto the streets. Of course, you also have the usual record and zine reviews, vegan recipes, and fun illustrations.

While it seems like a lot of hardcore punk zines as of late are lacking some of the most essential types of content that we used to see in the past, Papercore is here to bring some quality stuff. Like this Andalucía scene report—written by Andalucía Über Alles—that gives us a fresh insight into the DIY hardcore punk in Almería, Granada, Sevilla, and Malaga.

Another centrepiece of this issue is the pre-Brexit UK tour report by folk-punk band Sharp Knives from Portugal and Welsh singer/songwriter Efa Supertramp. A zinester herself, Efa has been writing some amazing tour reports in the past, so it’s great to see some more tour stories from her and Sharp Knives who I’ve also met last year.

My biggest surprise in this issue was the Aason interview since I hadn’t heard about this Israeli band before. There are super interesting questions and the band’s singer Haim is giving very compelling answers. Actually, the interview turned out so long that it was split into two parts and I’m eager to read the rest in the next Papercore issue.

It’s a quality zine that hasn’t lost its critical edge or DIY punk ideals. Make sure to check out their blog, too. The next issue is already promising to be even more exciting, and you still have some time to contribute to it! [email protected]



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