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Zine Review: Papercore #1

A new collective DIY punk zine from Europe

Papercore is a new international, political, DIY punk zine started by three people whose native language is not English. This zine is an example of how awesome punk zines can be—it’s a conversation starter in a paper format (and a note to never be digitized) about the things we care about, it’s inclusive for punx of all backgrounds and you don’t need to be a professional writer or even a fluent English-speaker to contribute on their pages. It’s the kind of a collective DIY punk zine done right.

In the first issue we find some heartfelt columns of the personal/political variety, pretty rad interviews and a bunch of zine, book, record and festival reviews. Rather than interviewing well-known bands, here we have some thoughtful conversations with female artists who are an important part of the “scene” but are generally staying below the radar of DIY punk fame.

The featured artists in this issue include Marina Margarina, a punk artist based in Saint-Petersburg, making illustrations, record covers, posters for gigs, festivals and other events, and also some great wall-paintings. Marina’s interview takes up almost a quarter of the zine’s pages and it’s a pretty interesting read indeed. There’s also an interview with Suzy, a director of the new documentary “So, which band is your boyfriend in?” and an active participant in the UK DIY punk scene. The movie is a powerful exploration of gender dynamics and real-life experiences faced by individuals involved in the UK’s DIY and underground music scenes. Actually, I would be interested in a longer conversation than the two pages on here, but it’s definitely worth the read in Papercore and it’s a nice way to find out about such a great project.

The second issue of Papercore is coming in November 2019, so now it’s the time to send your columns, tour/fest reports, drawings, photographs, reviews, DIY tips & tricks, interviews or whatever, bad English is also welcome.

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