Zaga Zaga – S/T

Unorthodox guitar riffs and unusual rhythmic timing intertwine in the music of Israel's post-hardcore aficionados Zaga Zaga. Give it a go!

Artist: Zaga Zaga

Title: S/T

Release: LP / Tape / Digital

Year: 2017

Label: Crust Baby Records, HowToBeCool Records, Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records, Cave Canem Records.

I was thrilled to be hearing a band coming from the Middle East, especially from Israel. Something as awesome as Zaga Zaga that comes to mind, thanks to my random bandcamp discoveries.

I personally bought a cassette tape from a once mighty English label Crust Baby Records after having one listen and it proudly lives in my cassette collection. So far, they have released a two-song demo, a four-song EP, a split with Joilette (which all are later compiled into Year One) and then this year came a full length self-titled.

Zaga Zaga from Israel play a very stylized hardcore punk. Unorthodox guitar riffs and unusual rhythmic timing is very much to the nods of Converge, Off Minor, Botch and such. Each song clocks in about one, one and a half minutes. It may seem short, but it matches the perfect timing of this record. It doesn’t turn out too short or too long, it’s just there in perfect timing.

Their lyrics are often abstract, satirical and straight to the point. Like for example Black T speaks about slavery.

I wanna wear a black T
Just like the one I got on me

Made in the Mandarin dynasty of Han
By a labored boy, his face was numb, his name was Chung
But when I put it on, I see the truth is just a lie
His life was no joke – like his death on the factory floor

Less is more, Less is less
Don’t blame me, it’s from a 2nd hand store!

and my favorite Eraserheads about being misinformed from the TV

Don’t change the channel, informatise
Stationary exploding eyes

Half a dozen – choke
Towering up smoke
Here’s a wall, you’re welcomed to step forth and bash your face
Headlight ahead, don’t switch topics
Wave hello! Wave goodbye! Set the clocks, it’s time to fry!

Change the channel
Eraserheads are now live

TL;DR: This S/T is a very stylized hardcore: perfectly timed and very unusual sound with straight-to-the-point, satirical lyrics. A must have release of 2017. Give it a go.

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