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Youth Crew 2016 compilation up for pre-order


youth crew 2016

Yes, time has come once again! Two years after the previous Youth Crew Compilation a new 7″ will see the light of day super soon. The test pressings have been approved and the records should be pressed in the next few weeks. The 2016 edition of the compilation will feature exclusive tracks from:

  • Modern problems (US)
  • Toma El Riesgo (El Salvador)
  • Face It (US)
  • Stand Clear (Indonesia)
  • Tomar Control (Peru)
  • AWAKE (Portugal)
  • Spirits (USA)
  • ZERO EIGHT ONE (Italy)

Stream the entire compilation:

And pre-order it from your favorite label:

Ugly and Proud Records | Positive & Focused Records | Commitment Records | SP DiscosSpeedowax | State of Mind Recordings

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