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YÖU – We sing the blues…

Debut record from this power trio from Macedonia will make you think of Dischord records or all those great emo bands in the 90's

you-we-sing-the-bluesArtist: YÖU

Title: We sing the blues…

Release: CD, Digital

Year: 2017

Label: Deny Records

This power trio from Skopje, Macedonia, have finally came out with their debut record and play a style of music best described as a mixture between the Dischord bands ala Ignition and whatever 90’s emo bands you wish to name!

The songs are nothing short of consistently radiant, proving that power and melody can be fused in equal measure. You have the gritty vocals, the driving quitars and the rock-out moments to get you singing along in no time. The fact that all three members are singing adds an anthemic feel to the whole thing.

The guitar riffs and every little aspect of YÖU’s music, from the repetative but incredibly catchy song structures to the fact they are a trio, reminds me so much of Japan’s emotional hardcore fury 1000 Travels of Jawaharlal. However, that seems a bit irrelevant unless you’re a crazy 1000 Travels fan like me and this review will make you press the play button on YÖU’s bandcamp page.

Anyway, I can’t really think of any other bands like YÖU in the whole region. The emotional hardcore sound seems to be pretty much neglected on the Balkans, and that makes their effort to fill the gap even more important. Although, I don’t think they are doing it on that purpose. In the end, it’s just three kids from Skopje playing in a band together to express certain feelings and underlying ideas through the punk music they all like. “We sing the blues” is their debut title and every song they wrote will make sure your head is bobbing and your fingers tap-tapping while listening to it. Worth a listen.

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