Order of violence: German screamo yon premiere debut LP (Exclusive Stream!)

Ten fast and dissonant screamo tracks for those who still care.

Formed in 2014 in the historically significant eastern German city of Dresden, yon are a band following a seemingly unending lineage of emo, screamo and post-hardcore in their country.

yon showing their faces on Jitsi exclusively for DIY Conspiracy

With two very different sounding EPs behind their back, line-up changes and members no longer residing in Dresden, order of violence took years in the making. The band has recorded and mixed the tracks all by themselves along the way, but the record is finally here and worth the wait.

Order of violence‘s artwork is largely based around the sketches of British artist Mary Gernat. She has illustrated several children’s books for the controversial author Enid Blyton back in the day. Her drawings fit the concept of the album perfectly well and the band seems incredibly happy to use them (thanks to Mary’s son, who takes care of her heritage and gave them permission to use).

Today, we are glad to present you the whole record as an exclusive premiere on DIY Conspiracy!

The official digital release for the album is set to tomorrow, January 18th, and vinyl is already up for preorder. It will be shipped as soon as the records come from the pressing plant.

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music. Order of violence is released by the band, in cooperation with a couple of awesome international labels:

Fresh Outbreak (Italy), Quebranta (Spain), Les disques Rabat-joie (Canada), Zegema Beach (Canada), and Dingleberry Records in their homeland of Germany. The vinyl comes in two marbled variants, each limited to 150 copies.


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