xServitudex – Bringing Your Hell EP

More chugging riffs and uncompromising attitude from the UK's toughest vegan straight edge gang

xservitudex-bringing-your-hell-epArtist: xServitudex

Title: Bringing Your Hell

Release: Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Self-Released

From the severe metallic assaults of xCanaanx, Unborn and Slavearc to the new breed of vegan edge hardcore defined by Renounced, Abolition and gone too soon xRepentancex, the militant straight edge scene in the UK has spawned some heavier than thou arrangements over the last two decades. This scene is still a tight knit of friends who have created a solid foundation of metallic hardcore; grounded in uncompromising beliefs and elevated social consciousness.

Sparsely scattered across Scotland and England, xServitudex formed a couple of years ago from the ashes of a band called Gaia Bleeds. Since their debut “Path to Amnesty” EP, their sound has been compared to the the early H8000 edge-metal scene in Belgium. Bands like Arkangel, Congress, Sektor and Deformity easily come to mind when listening to their earth-shattering riffs and tough-as-nails breakdowns.

The five new tracks on “Bringing Your Hell” are well worth the wait. Here they improve upon heaviness and punishing vocal delivery while keeping the hardcore groove alive. Loaded in hefty double-bass beatdowns and full-throttle thrash shredding, “Bringing Your Hell” is heavier, darker and more aggressive than its predecessor.

Straight edge, you won’t be saved.

This cross is my solution for every severed fate,
For society in decay, you won’t be saved.

The lyrics are still dominated by chest-thumbing vegan edge firestorms tackling on the mankind’s scum who have ravaged the earth, plagued our communities with drugs and alcohol, and have no reverence for non-human animals’ lives.

If you’re a fan of brutal metallic riffs and uncompromising vegan straight edge attitude, then you should already be listening to this.

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