xGROSS OUTx – Demo

Artist: xGROSS OUTx

Title: Demo

Release: Tape / Digital 

Year: 2014

Label: DIY

Eight raging tracks of raw, fast and pissed off SXE hardcore punk coming from Szombathely, the 10th largest city in Hungary. Now that’s what I call a great DIY hardcore punk demo.

No youth crew pose or nice refrains about friendship and positive mental attitude, these folks are following the darker and much rawer side of straight edge hardcore punk. They have some serious things to say by raising issues such as national pride, environmental destruction, oppression and social instability among some more personal themes of anger and frustration in their dark lyrical overtones. Left For Dead is a good reference for both their sound and attitude. If you like your sxe hardcore angrier, faster and pissed off as hell, then that’s definitely your cup of tea.

Mittens XVX

Positive person bringing a small fragment of warmth and light in a dark and cold world. Editor of Tigersuit Zine. Founder of DIY Conspiracy webzine. Contact him at: mitkoxvx@gmail.com