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xDevourx premiering debut album today

Belgian 90s metallic xvx hardcore influenced band premieres Defiant Until The End

After a sick demo released back in 2015 Belgium’s vegan straight edge band x Devour x are finally presenting a debut LP. Heavily influenced by all your favorite 90s metallic xvx bands, x Devour x were formed by members of Blade, xHeartfeltx, Disinterred, Stroke of Grace and Bliss. If you’re around Antwerp don’t miss seeing them live tonight with All Out War and Pulse. If you’re living in another end of the world make sure you get Defiant Until The End on whatever physical format you prefer. It was announced on CD from Mark My Words and on tape via Kick Out The Jams.

Today our friends at Ugly and Proud Records dropped an even bigger bomb by launching the pre-orders for the vinyl version of the album. Back them up and secure your copy of Defiant Until The End from this link.

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