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XclusivX Fanzine #10 is here

This week's recommended material is the latest issue of XclusivX Fanzine

xclusiv zine intro

The only thing getting me almost as excited as when a new record pops up in the mail or I bargain for an old video game is getting my hands on some good reading material. In this week’s zine batch I found the 10th issue of XclusivX fanzine. I’ve missed the first 4-5 issues of this one, but Nikolay at Ugly and Proud Records has been regularly stocking the latest output of the zine and I managed to quickly catch up.

If you already know and love XclusivX I guess we can all agree they’re doing a great job with both design and content. Sadly, according to the XclusivX #10 intro the zine will have to go in a hiatus for a bit, but we hope it’s not gone for good because the zine scene needs issues like this. With a strong focus on straight edge, veganism, feminism and animal rights, XclusivX #10 once again perfectly balances between interviews with all kinds of people, from all kinds of scenes, but firmly related to DIY punk, hardcore and all branching subcultures.

xclusiv zine homesick

There’s tons of recipes, lengthy talks about music (great to see Ecostrike on this one, after the dope Wake of Humanity interview in XclusivX #9) and a total highlight in this issue was the story of Little Rainbow Sanctuary. The photos on this one are also amazing and hearth-warming. I’m totally out of the Instagram hype so the #instavegans section is the sole thing I kind of dislike about the zine in general. The whole idea of putting on paper something related to IG feels weird but hey, there’s still a cool cause I can see behind it. And honestly, I’d truly prefer a newsfeed full of food photos, recipes or video games than a feed full of semi-naked humans jerking off to their followers count and ‘amazing and flawless’ lives that actually nobody should care about.

xclusiv zine homesick

Won’t be spoiling your time with the zine by adding too much photos, but I’m sure the ones I took will make you order one right away. I honestly have no clue how you can order a copy online, but their Facebook link is right above, you can always write them an email and I’m sure, if the run is not sold out yet, they’ll hook you up with a copy. Another thing you can do is pinch your local hardcore punk distro and if they’re as cool as ours you’ll soon have some proper stuff to read while cooking.

P.S. After I posted this, I found the XclusivX online store and it seems #10 is already sold out. So, rush to the distros, people. We know at least one that has copies. *wink wink*

xclusiv zine collection

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