Worms Feed – S/T MMXII

The Worms Feed self-titled debut is a 12" obituary for the crushing crust beast which is now slowly rotting six feet under

a4002946350_10Artist: Worms Feed

Title: S/T MMXII

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2014

Label: Skin & Bones Records

This album reeks of cold and tastes like nothing but soil. Not just because Worms Feed are playing a heavy and brutal miasmic mixture of crust, sludge and black metal but because their self-titled LP on Skin & Bones is actually an obituary of this mindlessly extreme band. Worms Feed is fast and meant to be experienced at once. Like a shot of bile. Even if the music is raw and severe the album is pretty neatly produced, maybe a bit too much for what the band is playing, but still it’s nice to hear some crusty hardcore sounding more massive and convincing than the usual underproduced rough and abrasive stereotype for the genre.

Worms Feed go from fast metallic parts, through sludgy and simple breakdowns and sometimes almost black metal peaks. No colours on this record, just a bit of grey from time to time, on top of the black and white aesthetics dominating the music of these Belgians. The 12″ is a fast listen which sets up an extremely lively atmosphere, almost as if the band’s actually playing in front of you. The only downside of this album are its lyrics. Yes, I get that the short track length is definitely not a pre-condition for an extensive and deeper writing but that almost total lack of figurativeness is certainly not inline with the whole visual concept of the album.

More forests, less streets and “fuck” next time. Oh, there won’t be a next time as Worms Feed are gone. Okay, I’ll just swallow the bad writing and stick to the rest of this overall neatly approached and realised wall of sonic chaos.

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