Wølfenstein & Sullen Walk release split LP

German DIY hardcore bands Wølfenstein and Sullen Walk have cooperated together to release a split LP. The record is available for free online streaming at both bands bandcamp profiles. The 12″ vinyl version of the Wølfenstein / Sullen Walk split is coming out on March 22nd by Rost & Knochen Records (Wølfenstein’s guitar player’s label). The pre-order is pressed on coloured 130-gram vinyl (clear/black/splatter) and limited to 15 records.

We all hope you guys will like it. The release show for the record will be at March the 22nd in Stuttgart with great bands like Svffer, Kapytaen, Dwnpours and Strrike Back. Plus there will be a vegan food (bbq and cakes) and a record distro. So a lot of cool stuff! Hope you people show up!Wølfenstein

Both bands play fast, heavy and dark hardcore punk music. Strictly vegan and antifascist.

Mittens XVX

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