Wolf Down Pooped Their Pants This Time

The band's new merch shows nothing else but a lack of education and knowledge in history. And this coming from a band pretending to be political.


Germany’s vegan straight edge band Wolf Down’s desire to be always radical in the political messages they distribute this time proved their extensive lack of education. The band’s freshly published merch showcases a hammer and a sickle next to the circled A – anarchist symbol, probably in a poor attempt to express anarcho-communism. Too bad the band didn’t go to school or read enough books to know the hammer and a sickle was certainly not related to this but was invented by people whose regime led to the deaths of millions and millions of people, a regime that actually murdered thousand of anarchists worldwide.

The crushing of Makhnovists, the Kronstadt Uprising, etc. are just a few historical examples of how the Bolshevik regime has always been in opposition of any attempts to bring about a social revolution in a truly libertarian sense. Here in Bulgaria, thousands of anarchist and (non-communist) anti-fascists have been murdered, imprisoned, sent to labour camps, disappeared, and their families repressed by the Bolshevik regime after 1945. The same fate followed countless of antiauthoritarian anarchists, writers, teachers, fighters, etc. in the Soviet Union itself and all the other countries in the Eastern Bloc.

Just after the Bolshevik coup here in 1945 the Federation of Anarchist Communists in Bulgaria (FAKB) used to have a congress in the capital Sofia, but communist militia arrested all 90 delegates and put them into forced labour camps. The next annual congress of the FAKB in 1946 had to take place clandestinely. In 1948, the last mass round-up of anarchists netted 600 militants who were sent to concentration camps such as Cuciyan (near Pernik, called by its inmates the “Caresses of Death”), Bogdanovol (called the “Camp of Shadows”), Nojarevo, Tadorovo and Bosna. By that date, hundreds had been executed and about 1,000 FAKB members sent to concentration camps where the torture, ill treatment and starvation of veteran (but non-communist) anti-fascists – some of whom had fought fascism for almost 3 decades – was almost routine.

Anarchist prisoners were singled out and worked to death, being forced to work 36-hour shifts compared to the 12-16-hour shifts of other inmates. A partial list of 33 detained anarchists released that year by those working underground in Bulgaria is revealing in terms of its class composition: eleven school and university students; four urban anarcho-syndicalist workers including a technician; four teachers including a schools inspector; four rural workers (remnants of the Vlassovden syndicalist movement); three print-workers; two journalists including Georgi Kurtov, the often-detained editor of anarchist paper Rabotnicheska Misal; a librarian; and several others whose occupations are not given. The youngest whose age was given was 21, presumably politicised under fascism, and the oldest 49, the tobacco worker Manol Nicolov, who had initiated Vlassovden syndicalist uprising in 1930. Most had been imprisoned or even sentenced to death by the fascists, three were former guerrilla fighters, and one had been involved in a military conspiracy against the fascists.

The Bolshevik regime has nothing to do with the anarchist communism of Kropotkin. Soviet Union and its symbols are just as totalitarian as the Nazi Germany. As the famous Bulgarian anarchist Jacque Grancharoff said:

The dark veil of communism used to entomb anarchism was also the same that buried … genuine communism and all revolutionary hopes for the emancipation and liberation of the downtrodden.

Dear Wolf Down, please go and hide somewhere and tell your fanbase this was a huge mistake and you’re canceling your future tours so you can go back to school. Otherwise we’ll be eagerly looking forward to you putting out a USSR (CCCP) t-shirt, or maybe a one with swastika? It’ll suit your radical politics, yes.

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