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When Seasons Change – Time Will Tell Us EP

When Seasons Change is an Italian straight edge hardcore band that showcase what hardcore is all about

whenseasonschangeepArtist: When Seasons Change

Title: Time Will Tell Us

Release: 7″ EP

Year: 2006

Label: Commitment Records

When Seasons Change published ‘Time Will Tell Us’ in 2006. And it is the debut record of that Italian veg(etari)an straight edge band. A stylish artwork, intelligent lyrics (again with explanations) and nothing more than hardcore music.

Quite a nice record which is followed by another 7″, this time a split with Miles To Go and a DIY release of the band’s last mcd. Then guess what… they broke up in 2008. Anyway thanks to Commitment records their music is eternally a part of the hardcore music worldwide for everyone interested in checking them.

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