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Waste – Last One Standing EP

Vegan Straight Edge marching on a warpath!

waste-last-one-standingArtist: Waste

Title: Last One Standing

Release: 7″ EP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Refuse Records

Göteborg Straight Edge in full effect, coming hard with five songs hitting you instantly with wrath and fury.

The band is called Waste and as you can tell, we already have hyped and praised them before!

Violently heavy with pulverizing breakdowns, Waste indulge into a raw metallic sound reeking of determination and hostility towards abusers of all kind. We need more bands to speak up against oppression but Waste are not afraid in doing it their own ultra-militant way. The lyrics on this EP are tackling on subjects like feminism, vegan straight edge warfare, and working class pride. It’s a fucking rager from start to finish.

The mosh parts on these five tracks are completely relentless and the endings of “Not Your Fight” and “Warpath” are to die for. Unapologetic straight edge anthems one after the other, this 7″ is a serious business and should not be missed.

Hopefully, Waste will keep on going to serve us more music, at least an LP’s worth of material of this caliber would be the killer.

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