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Warwound – WWIII

A definite must have from some of the most renowned veterans of the UK punk scene.

warwound-wwiiiArtist: Warwound

Title: WWIII

Release: LP / CD / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Vile Records, Sanctus Propaganda

Most already know about this powerful band coming from some of the originators of d-beat punk and political hardcore scene in the UK.

Originally formed in 1982 in Birmingham with Damian Thompson playing the bass and Andy Baker on drums, Warwound was a short-lived yet absolutely raging political powerhouse in the veins of early Broken Bones, Chaos UK, and Discharge. In the fall of 1983, however, both Andy and Damian were enrolled to join the mighty Varukers. Just a year later, Damian left The Varukers to form the legendary Sacrilege.

In 2015, Damian (now on guitar) reformed Warwound with a new but equally impressive line-up. The current reincarnation of the band features Varukers’ singer Rat Martin, punk historian and musician Ian Glasper (Flux of Pink Indians, Stampin’ Ground, Decadence Within, etc.) on bass, and Stevie Wingrove (Hellkrusher, Dogsflesh) on drums.

Following a handful of EPs and split releases between 2015 and 2019, the long-awaited Warwound LP has finally seen the light of day. On WWIII, this veteran outfit cranks out 15 tracks of raw, angry and intensely political thrash punk. As you might expect, it’s very British sounding and takes the best out of every member’s musical past.

Warwound takes the essence out of thrash metal riffs and angry punk attitude to produce a tight record that meets all expectations. Rat’s vocals on here, in my opinion, are much better than the latest Discharge and disappointing Varukers records. Ian Glasper’s bass lines are on top of the game and the drummer is absolutely fucking precise. This record is definitely something you’ll want to pick up!

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