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Warcollapse – Deserts of Ash

Still crust as fuck and bringing us all even further into the void of misery and despair!

warcollapse-deserts-of-ashArtist: Warcollapse

Title: Deserts of Ash

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Insane Society, Phobia Records, Bye Bye Productions

It’s 2019 and scandi-crust veterans Warcollapse have finally released their new LP! Yes, the same band that created the legendary “Crust As Fuck Existence” EP back in 1995.

The five-song release, Deserts of Ash, is a cluster bomb of metallic crust picking up where they left off in 2007 with Defy! LP (Profane Existence). The music here is still based on stubbornness and repetition—roaring desperate vocals, sturdy mid-paced chord progressions, and a constant barrage of textbook metallic crust percussions the way it was meant to be. The songwriting is rock-solid, and the recording is satisfying for a crust record. It’s a tight as hell offering from this longstanding outfit.

The nauseating nightmare continues as we march towards the end, where nothing remains… only deserts of ash

The title song, “Deserts of Ash”, is the last on the record but a pretty epic one. With its ambient intro progressing into desperate, melancholic, somber and disgusted sludgy-metal-punk, this one alone is longer than all the four previous tracks combined. Not a groundbreaking record for the mainstream metal standards whatsoever, but would be a worthy addition for any crust punk collector.

Warcollapse didn’t stop to be crust as fuck and still bringing us all even further into the void of misery and despair!

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