Veuve S.S. – Traître À Tout

Pure disgust for humankind


Artist: Veuve S.S.

Title: Traître À Tout

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Nerdcore Records

Traître À Tout, the first and only LP released by Lyon’s natives Veuve SS, is a rotting beast reeking of charred flesh, hatred, and pure disgust for humankind.

With brooding atmosphere, chainsaw riffs and soaring vocals, Veuve SS expand upon their already scathingly brutal sound (they’ve released five 7-inch records in the past, including split releases with Drux and Meurthe.) Right off the bat, the record sets the mood for the constant barrage of raw, filthy and negative hardcore to come. The best thing is that even if Veuve SS are so metal-tinged and dissonant most of the time, the record is not just a chugging metallic creature. Traître À Tout gets quite diverse and groovy as it seamlessly transitions between its sludgy, powerviolence and Holy Terror influences, so you’ll surely not get bored with this one.

There is no doubt that these Frenches know perfectly well how to create an impressive display of brute force and intensity that keeps its momentum up all the way to the end. And, even though they are a band consisting of some great musicians coming from the melodic punk and emo scene in Lyon, their identities are not really important when it comes to Veuve SS (it’s quite different stuff compared to most of their other projects.) Basically, this band is an outlet for an unadulterated rage and disgust for the decaying society heading towards its inevitably devastating end. Veuve SS’ music is ragingly aggressive, violent and anti-everything.

Released in the beginning of 2018,Traître À Tout is probably among the most underrated French hardcore albums in the last few years, so I’m sure you might have missed about this band. Hopefully, they’ll come back with another beast in the future.


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