UURN – Strapped In, Ready To Go

Ready for another Swedish treat? Then let's dive deep into the thick waters of UURN's debut tape Strapped In, Ready To Go.

UURN debut EP

Artist: UURN

Title: Strapped In, Ready To Go

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2022

Label: Self-Released

I’ll admit that I’m not a huge doom expert, of course throughout the years I’ve gathered quite a few favorites from the genre (Corrupted, Hell, Crowskin, King Woman, Pallbearer to name a few, besides the apparent classics ). However, who doesn’t love a good doom record? Who doesn’t absolutely love it to feel completely crushed over fat riffing guitars fuzzed almost beyond recognition while a painfully slow rhythmic section is stomping walls of low frequencies your way?

Oh and I almost forgot, who doesn’t absolutely love it when on top of (or rather buried deep within) this infernal soundscape you add menacing, reverb-drenched screams with fragmentary lyrics that wound your subconscious perceptions rather than impose a certain message or image to your listening experience?

If you’ve already hit play on the embed above you’ll know that all that I wrote is not fiction but pretty much based on my time spent with Malmö, Sweden’s UURN debut tape Strapped In, Ready To Go. A few weeks separate us from the live debut of this brand new band, formed by some old dogs in the Malmö scene so give them a shot.

Grab a tape, and a t-shirt, or drop them a line if you want to see their doom and gloom unfold over your city because I might have overheard they’re trying to put a tour together for next year.

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