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Ursut – Köp Dig Lycklig

Ursut's "Köp Dig Lycklig" LP is an earsplitting d-beat crust punk assault on neo-liberal capitalism

ursut-kop-dig-lyckligArtist: Ursut

Title: Köp Dig Lycklig

Release: 12″ LP / CD / Tape / Digital

Year: 2016

Label: Phobia Records, Not Enough Records, La Familia Releases, 4490 Records

An offshoot of the notable Swedish käng punk outfits Intensity, Kontrovers and Project Hopeless, here comes Ursut. The four-piece bunch from Malmö have already set the bar high with their 2011 debut “Dårarnas paradis” (Fools’ Paradise), however their second LP “Köp Dig Lycklig” (Buy Yourself Happiness) is no less than a grandiose chunk of political hardcore punk. Once it gets rolling, Köp Dig Lycklig bombards the listener with a cannonade of d-beat artillery and obliterating death-ridden guitar riffs.

And if the unrelentless attack of massive riffs and pounding d-beat assaults wasn’t enough to make Köp Dig Lycklig a contender for crust record of the year, then you should take a look at their anticapitalist manifesto that goes along with the LP.

We are taught to believe in the image of happiness as a result of consumption. We are taught to believe there is »free will« and that free choices actually are free. We are fooled to believe their definition of choices equals freedom. This is how the market holds us tied down. This is how the market makes the people believe that happiness is achieved by making choices.

The whole record is based on the concept of neo-liberal capitalism’s failure to provide happiness and decent life. About the collective struggle to free ourselves from all this alienation, despair, hyper-individualism and consumerism, constantly perpetuated on us by the so called free market. You know, it’s not for the faint-hearted Ayn Rand’s fans.

I guess, you already know that Sweden has been the the hotspot of earsplitting hardcore punk music for a long time, and it’s this Scandinavian bands’ sense of urgency and vigorous intensity that makes Ursut so good. This is one of the finest political punk records I’ve heard in a while, and along with their compatriots Martyrdöd’s new LP, Köp Dig Lycklig ranks on top of my crust/d-beat list for 2016.

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