Zine Review: Uncut Reality #1 / 2018

66 pages of grindcore and noisecore madness in this new fanzine from Serbia

Another brand new publication to show the DIY punk community that it is not just about the music… it can also be totally anti-music!

The first issue of Uncut Reality is a 66 page zine from Serbia dedicated to the international noisecore, gore and grindcore scene. The author, Žarko, says that he used to make another zine called Metempsychosis. A resurgence of DIY printed publications from all over the world has inspired him to start a new fanzine with a focus on scenes that are so underground that you hardly get any information about these kinds of bands and genres.

Featured interviews include both long time veterans and newer artists in the international noise-not-music scene. These include CSMD (Holland), Dahmer (Quebec, Canada), Denak (Spain), Harsh Supplement (Ottawa, Canada), Atrofia Cerebral / Audicion Irritable (Peru), Modorra (Sweden), Nihilist Commando / Noise Waste (Finland) and a big one with Tumor (Germany).


There’s also an interview with Ivan from Fuck Yoga Records in Macedonia. This was especially interesting to read as I know the guy and he is fucking ridiculously productive. Currently Ivan plays in Goli Deca, Transhunter, Can Dance and Vkozuren, in addition to releasing some obscure underground music and touring three times (2010, 2012 and 2018) with Japanese freaks Sete Star Sept.

As well as the band interviews, there are also band and label biographies with their respective discographies and contact information. It’s really like old-school photocopied zines! I also really enjoyed the festival reports from Grindmare (an annual DIY grindcore / noisecore festival in Thessalonica, Greece) and Optimalinija Kaos Panonia (a grind / noise festival in Novi Sad, Serbia). I really like reading festival reviews in fanzines and if I hadn’t read them I wouldn’t have been able to go to different DIY festivals in different countries. So I would like to see more festival reports in the next issues and in other zines in general.


The last few pages of the zine are filled with a shitload of reviews: grindcore, noisecore, harsh noise, experimental and a bit of crust & d-beat. To be honest, I only knew a few of the bands reviewed here.

On the creative side of things, there’s not much going on here. It’s just plain digital text with pixelated photos and band logos. I guess the band interviews were just copied and pasted without any editing. You know, there’s a different formatting style and a lot of typos all over the place. But I don’t think anyone cares about that anyway.

Contact Žarko at bloody_psychotic_disease AT yahoo DOT com if you want a copy of his zine. This is a real underground fanzine covering some of the most extreme and terrible noise out there. If you like noisecore you should check it out!

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