9 Ear-Splitting Noisecore Records with Žarko Gladić (Uncut Reality Fanzine)

A guide to the intense world of noisecore and harsh recordings.

Žarko Gladić is a Serbia based professional historian who was best known for his Metempsychosis  zine in the past, before starting Uncut Reality fanzine in 2018. In both of these publications, Žarko covers a wide area of anti-music: noisecore, grindcore and goregrind bands from all over the world.

According to Žarko, this subculture depicts a bit wild, but more natural and honest micro world, freed from all recognisable forms and standards. For someone, the noisecore/grind scene is a hobby, and for many, a way of life without any profit, isolated from all other forms of mainstream culture.

“In the beginning, it was only a music genre within which a system of values based on a pure energy, emotions, critical perspective on the world, uncompromising attitude, freedom of expression, encouragement, and initiative, was developed. Sometimes it owns specifically strong political components that were used by some bands as the basis of their creative work. From a musical perspective, grindcore is a collective improvisation with elements of coincidence and arbitrariness, with the attempt to express thoughts and emotions to the extent equipment can record them. From the philosophical – ideological perspective, grindcore is something beyond the context of a standard tradition, something that was being developed, evolved, and lived on beyond all processes, either social or artistic ones.”, says Žarko.

In this article, he shares nine of his favorite noise-mongers that have been on rotation at home recently.


1 Ruidos Absurdos – Self-Titled EP (Brazil, 2018)

Ruidos Absurdos – Self-Titled EP (Brazil, 2018)

Labels: Lady Lasol Records, Demilitarised Subconscious Records

This is some kind of a rare collection, since it contains two different sessions. Side A is a rehearsal recording from 1983. with unknown song titles and side B are tracks recorded in 1984. This could be classified as ultra obscure Brazilian hardcore, raw and explosive bordering with noisecore, or how I personally love to call it accidental noisecore (early raw chaotic Finish bands could help as a reference). This was supposed to be out on SPHC label, but during the communication on the line between label owner and band members, everyone kinda stopped caring until Otto (Kuolema drummer) took initiative to finally put it out on vinyl. Whole 7” EP is done great, with a folded insert and two-sided posters. Almost all those Brazilian hardcore / grindcore / noisecore bands feel more vibrant and urgent, for lack of better terms, than just about everything else out that. I can actually say that for the whole South American scene, especially from the 80s and early 90s. I like tons of other bands at the same level or more but their energy, rawness, chaos in general stands out and Ruidos Absurdos is a good example. Labels, thanks and total respect for putting this totally obscure recording on 7” EP.

2 Raw Noise Apes – Damnatio Memoriae LP (Greece, 2019)

Raw Noise Apes – Damnatio Memoriae LP (Greece, 2019)

Labels: Autistic Society System Filth-Records & SAORS

This is a bit different offering from Raw Noise Apes compared to their rawer sound on the previously released 7” splits and their 10”. Also, the length of this LP is 38 minutes, a rather long LP for a grindcore band, but it is surprisingly great! For the first two-three tracks this works really well, sound production developed, riffing is top notch. No bullshit until the end. Just straight up, to the point brutality with punishingly heavy drums, vocals and shredding, well-written riffs. It is like you are diving into a different dimension in those 38 minutes, and that’s exactly what I needed and that’s why I mentioned at the very beginning that this is a bit different from those Greek apes. Cover art and design is wonderful and I’m absolutely in love with this band. Great LP all around!

3 Sissy Spacek – Ways of Confusion LP (United States, 2018)

Sissy Spacek – Ways of Confusion LP (United States, 2018)

Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions

Sissy Spacekthrough their 20+ years of existencewent through a swath of raw and aggressive styles, from chaotic noisecore/grindcore to the purely electronic and harsh noise on their later stuff. This LP is full on blast beat assault. 39 tracks of raw noisecore, blurring the lines between composition and free improvisation at a dizzying pace and it’s over in about 15 minutes. There aren’t some dynamics and distinct movements, but the whole LP is still incredibly satisfying.

4 Noma – Totally Destroy Music Industry and the Rest will Follow CS (Greece, 2019)

Noma – Totally Destroy Music Industry and the Rest will Follow CS (Greece, 2019)

Label: SAORS

Noma started their blasting gory grindcore in 2016, and this is their full tape album after a few split releases and debut demo. Dual vocals, pitch shifters, growls, screams, in the vein of early Regurgitate, General Surgery, Agathocles. No surprises in the sound and song structures, they use the same effective formula and recipe, so the way the whole album is crafted makes it a great listen. I had an opportunity to see ‘em live, also drink and chill during their rehearsal sessions. Best goregrind I’ve heard in a while for sure!

5 Duniya – Dentes Feitos De Migalhas CS (Brazil, 2019)

Duniya – Dentes Feitos De Migalhas CS (Brazil, 2019)

Label: Vlad Tapes

This is the debut tape recording from a Brazilian band called Duniya. Everything about this band is perfect for me. Aesthetics (visual identity) and music, of course. This is not a typical straight forward noisecore nor endless industrial or harsh noise to sit down and blow my brain. The core sound here is indeed noisecore but perfectly mixed with industrial and harsh noise textures. Some of the sounds / parts here initially reminded me of those of certain works by early Swans, in their sheer nihilism.

Duniya’s tape overall is unique for me since it’s a great mixture of slow, sludgy, bone crushing grooves, harsh noises and distortions all over, then it suddenly hits you in full precision force at top speed and maniacal vocals. And this is not just trying to play as slow and heavy as possible and as fast and heavy as possible. Duniya is much more, those guys are beyond some recognizable sonic forms. They use some sludgy riffs, then, hmmm, grindcore, hardcore breakdowns, and periods of feedback and harsh noise to get their point across. Great variety throughout. Can’t wait for more material from them.

6 Kali Yuga Noise / Massacre Anti Musica – Split LP (Finland, 2018)

Kali Yuga Noise / Massacre Anti Musica – Split LP (Finland, 2018)

Label: Bestial Burst

Two noisecore bands from Finland with hundreds of “songs”. From full on noisecore, to riffy, fuming stompers. Definitely offensive on all levels, not for the sensitive, weak or faint of heart. Both bands are on top of their shit and are not holding back at all and it really shows on this recordings. For those into early Anal Cunt, 7MON, Rapt, Brigada Do Ódio, Fear Of God and the likes.

7 Brigada Do Ódio – S/T Discography LP (Brazil, 2021)

Brigada Do Ódio – S/T Discography LP (Brazil, 2021)

Labels: F.O.A.D. & Insane Noise Distro

This band demanded reissues for almost 30 years! So, the long awaited complete discography is finally out. For those who don’t know, Brigada Do Ódio were one of the pioneers of noisecore / grindcore. Trebly, totally lo-fi, full on reverb primitive crazy shit. Their cult split LP with Olho Seco from 1985 was way ahead of their time in terms of outrageous speed and ear-splitting distortion and madness.

F.O.A.D, as always, did a great job, both visually and sonically. It includes everything that Brigada Do Ódio recorded, even pre-BDO session under the name Infratores. Comes with a very nice booklet with many rare photos, artworks and notes written by band members. I’m beyond excited and I’m very grateful to finally own everything from Brigada Do Ódio. 

8 Internal Rot – Grieving Birth LP (Australia, 2020)

Internal Rot – Grieving Birth LP (Australia, 2020)

Labels: Iron Lung Records & 625 Thrashcore 

I have been jamming the Internal Rot latest LP a lot lately. No bullshit fast and aggressive album from arguably the most beloved grindcore band going right now. Great, catchy, angular riffs, actually the whole songwriting here makes the whole thing flow very well. This is just a complete, merciless, punch-to-the-face brutal grindcore LP and it was worth waiting for six years to release a new full album.

9 Cyanamid – This is Hell – A NJ Hardcore anthology LP + CD (United States, 2019)

Cyanamid – This is Hell – A NJ Hardcore anthology LP + CD (United States, 2019)

Label: F.O.A.D.

Probably most people from the hardcore scene are not familiar with this band so I’ll start with a basic info: Cyanamid were a demented, fucked up, weird and definitely a unique band from USA formed in 1981. In my humble opinion, they were pioneers of “grindcore”, since Cyanamid basically played grindcore by all nowdays standards but before it had a name. Way ahead of their time. They were faster than any other hardcore band from that time. I can’t think of anything that sounds remotely like their I Love NJ demo prior to 1983. Punk and hardcore riffs, Flipper-like dirges and bursts of psychotic and deranged noise. An obvious influence on many later bands.

This F.O.A.D. anthology collects their complete discography from 1983 – 2014,  including 51 songs in total! It has it all, even the live tracks. And it also looks great with a full colored booklet with rare photos, flyers, artwork, zine excerpts, liner notes etc. Sound quality is amazing since it’s re-mastered. Highly recommended for all the freaks craving for obscure gems!

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