UK SXE Guidance with an LP on Ugly & Proud Records

Bulgaria-based hardcore label Ugly & Proud Records releasing Path of Grace to commemorate the recently disbanded sxe band Guidance

guidance LPIn the summer of 2014 UK straight edge band Guidance put out Path of Grace – their first full-length record after their 2013 debut Age of Vice 7″.

Due to various reasons, including many side projects, Guidance weren’t really the most active band out there and few months ago Charlie Manning (vocals), Ben Woolf (bass), Madhuryashyam Das (Guitar) and Oliver Mcvean (drums) decided to put it to an end.

When they uploaded the LP on Bandcamp they even spread this message:

We spent a lot of hours sitting down and creating this album. It never made it out to be a physical release due to the inactivity of this band over time, but we are all extremely proud to give you our first LP – Path of Grace.

We, on the other hand, have spent quite some time spinning the digital version of Path of Grace – a record that carries a lot of what we love in metallic, 90s influenced straight edge hardcore with extremely well put lyrics and a strong social stance. It seems somebody played it even more and will now put it out on 12″ vinyl.

Bulgaria based hardcore label Ugly & Proud Records is releasing Path of Grace to commemorate the positive message Guidance existed to share with the world. Best news is that pre-orders are now up on the label’s Bigcartel. It’s a limited run, 250 black vinyls & 20 test presses (someone will get one for free with a pre-order), also co-published by Sweden’s Monument & The Underground Fraction labels, so waste no time, but score a copy right away. That’s a sxe must-have.

Stay tuned for more U&P news, because as the journalist bastards we are we might have heard news for two more LPs coming from the label this year, and one of them is going to be HUGE news for the worldwide straight edge community.

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