Latin American blackened crust with pounding d-beats and heaps of rage.

udda-mmxvi-epArtist: UDDA

Title: MMXVI

Release: Digital

Year: 2021

Label: Self-Released

Damn! These Latin American folks are intense.

I mean, it’s scary how good yet underrated this record is. It’s probably among the most raging, most ferocious self-released albums I’ve heard in a while.

Recorded in 2016—as the Roman numeral title suggests—but released just now, this brutal onslaught contains nine tracks of pure, unbridled rage and lasts about fifteen minutes.

It’s got a ton of black metal influence only crustier. Pounding, galloping d-beats, sludgy to ripping fast HHIG/Tragedy-style leads and heaps of tremolo picking that proceed to stab you with a rusty knife until the very end. UDDA’s blood-curdling Mexican-Spanish vocals with ruina-total-masacre-y-suciedad lyrical nihilism that leaves no room for comfort or ease, and the overall technical abilities in their music, are like the best kind of sonic outburst you could hope to have from a short-lived DIY band like that. I’m sure this album compacts all the raw temper and rage these guys have been accumulating for years.

In essence, this is a violent, furious rager that will tease everyone in both areas of modern sludgier, blackened crust and classic raw d-beat punk styles, as it juggles both to such a fine degree that I couldn’t see it as anything short of fantastic. I would love to have this on vinyl.

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