Trigger Cut – Buster

Straight outta Stuttgart: Yesssssssssssssssssss!

TRIGGER CUT – BUSTERArtist: Trigger Cut

Title: Buster

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Self-released

Who would have thought that one of the best recent Noise Rock bands would come from good old Germany? Just a few minutes into their debut Buster and you might think you’re listening to something coming straight out of AmRep’s 90s catalog.

Trigger Cut’s mastermind and NOISE ROCK NOW facebook group icon Ralph Shaarschmidt (Mink Stole, Buzz Rodeo) has mastered the angular, trebly, high-energy formula of early Big Black, Jesus Lizard, and other iconic US noise rock acts we all love.

Honestly, very few bands can get away with such close approximation of a whole genre without looking suspicious or straight up cheesy. However, Trigger Cut can really do whatever they please. They seem authentically passionate about this particular blend of cut-through, raspy, upbeat, and schizophrenic style. This is what they want to do. This is what they do really well! You can moan about it sounding EXACTLY like that band you pretend to like since 1992, but they do it RIGHT NOW and that’s pretty much all that matters to me to say the least.

I really appreciate Ralph’s grassroots approach to online band marketing, even when sometimes it makes me uncomfortable at its’ borderline spam nature. One can’t deny that the guy is a fuckin’ legend and has been building his ultimate Noise Rock band since the ’90s. More bonus points for Trigger Cut being absolutely self-sustained and hard-working DIY band.

Unfortunately, the band’s long-anticipated 2020 UK tour is now screwed because of the recent pandemic measures, but you can still cheer them up by ordering a copy directly from the band here, or through Bandcamp.

Almost an year after its initial release, Buster still sounds fresh and to the point. A highly recommended album!


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