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Toxic Waste Buzzkill: Elevating the Voices on the Margins

A mini-zine to celebrate the DIY spirit in the music, films, poetry and visual art

Toxic Waste Buzzkill is a mini-zine created as an offshoot of the noise-rock weirdos QOHELETH from Azusa, California.

The zine’s name comes straight from a song  they’ve released both on tape and preloaded on a stenciled digital radio device. Everything these guys do is DIY as fuck and the basic idea behind the zine is also really awesome!

In a nutshell, this is an independent artist’s honest effort to celebrate the DIY spirit of music, films, poetry, and visual art they love and feel closely connected to. In each issue, they feature three people: an interview with a musician, visuals from an artist, and writing selections from an underground poet.

toxic waste buzkill issue 1 and 2

There are loads of DIY artists in all fields of art out there, and usually we don’t hear much about them. Honestly, I haven’t heard about any of the artists featured in the first two issues of TWB, and that’s something great.

The first issue features an interview with the extremely talented and active in their local scene, musician Baxter Holland of the noise-rock trio Garden of the Ark. Baxter’s answers are really well thought and interesting to read. The featured visual artist is Caiden Withey, and the poet is called Juan Carlos López. There are also some musical recommendations from the editor in cheap, Jeremy Hunt, and a reminder to take a nap. We all do need to take a rest, don’t we?

The second issue features a longer and quite personal interview with the feminist artist K. of the band Wetlands. Here, Kandace talks about personal growth in music and shares a first-hand experience within the local riot-grrrl, feminist and LGBTQ+ communities. After hearing Wetlands, I could also recommend checking them out as the band’s musical direction changes from indie and surf-type melodies towards more electronic punk sounds.

The featured visual art in this issue are the owl and death-ridden collages of Jessie May, who is also a musician with Owl Maker, writer and a school librarian. The sophomore issue’s poetry comes from Mark Angel Brandt from Yucatán, Mexico. He is writing about music for over a decade, most recently at PureGrainAudio. He is also teaching English and writing stuff in several other languages.

The DIY scene is still filled with such a nice people whose voices should be elevated in whatever platform suits best, and what Jeremy and QOHELETH are doing is just awesome.

Follow @qohelethnoise and keep supporting underground artists that have something to say / write / show to the fucked up world we are all trapped in.

toxic waste buzkill zine

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