Tout Suite – Self-Titled EP

Fast paced two-piece punk from Manchester

Artist: Tout Suite

Title: Tout Suite

Release: 7″ / Digital

Year: 2017

Label: Pumpkin Records, Prejudice Me

This is a straight forward punk coming from some dirty basements in Manchester! Tout Suite have already put out a demo tape and a split tape with Salvo but this 7″ is their first release on vinyl. It’s a collaboration between Pumpkin Records and Prejudice Me, some of the nicest DIY labels in town.

The front cover comes in four different dazzling colour sleeves to choose from, my record has the vivid orange and it looks great. There’s also a photocopied sheet inside with hand-written lyrics and cut-and-paste images. The old school way!

Blazing and fuzzy guitars, steady and simple drums going in and out of d-beat, plus classic anarcho-punk vocals. The band is just a two piece and that makes it even more straight-forward and minimalist in their approach. All lyrics have political undertones but spring up from the tongue-in-cheek and satirical nature of punk-rock.

In total, there are five fast paced tracks that just barely leave the minute mark. Those who already know the band will dig the record and will have a lot of, well, actually a little more than six minutes, fun with it! It’s punk-rock for the punx not for pretentious record collectors and assholes.


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