TØRSÖ – Community Psychosis EP

Artist: TØRSÖ

Title: Community Psychosis

Release: EP (June 2014) / Digital

Year: 2014

Label: DIY

What can you expect from a fast vegan straight edge band featuring members of everyone’s favorite Punch from California and Italian vegan monsters HOLY!? 

TØRSÖ was born out of the HOLY & Punch’s US tour together in 2013 and the result is a fearsome new band going on into one direction—heavy, hitting, punch you in the face unholy political hardcore. “Community Psychosis” contains 5 tracks of  blistering riffs, pulverizing drums and raging vocals spitting venomous criticism on society and mass culture. 

The physical version of this EP is coming out in June and I can’t wait to see them playing at Fluff Fest. This is a highlight of the year. Totally recommended for fans of Punch, HOLY, Coke Bust, Weekend Nachos, Vaccine, etc.

Mittens XVX

Positive person bringing a small fragment of warmth and light in a dark and cold world. Editor of Tigersuit Zine. Founder of DIY Conspiracy webzine. Contact him at: mitkoxvx@gmail.com