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Tørsö – Build and Break EP

Raging hardcore quartet released their new EP on Revelation Records

torso-build-and-breakArtist: Tørsö

Title: Build and Break

Release: 7″ EP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Revelation Records

Knowing exactly how to make a dead serious, intense and ferocious political hardcore since their debut in 2013, Tørsö are back with a new 7″ for a seminal hardcore label. But don’t fool yourself into thinking that their sound has become even a bit dull and melodic for signing up with Revelation. Tracked live to tape thanks to the prodigious skills of Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden, “Build and Break” sounds raw and authentic just the way it has to be. In this case, the Revelation deal comes handy more in terms of wider and more accessible distribution than anything else.

Blistering with rage, Tørsö don’t waste much time getting straight to the point. Still as relentless as ever, they unleash four short outbursts that whirl in a pure hardcore aggression. Instead of self-righteous vegan straight edge or political manifestos, the lyrics rather deal with inner struggles and how difficult it might be to keep emotionally stable in a world filled with so much suffering and abuse. What makes a modern band like Tørsö so widely accepted by even the most “picky” of the hardcore punk puritans is their ability to blend the various influences from all ages and schools of punk and hardcore into something really fresh and exciting. Their style is fast, aggressive and political, but at the same time talented, catchy and uplifting. Excellent band that’s really needed in today’s hardcore scene.

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