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Tomorrow We Hunt – Griefbearers EP

Dark and raging hardcore with lyrics about discontent

Tomorrow We Hunt Griefbearers
Artist: Tomorrow We Hunt
Title: Griefbearers
Release: Digital EP
Year: 2013
Label: DIY

Tomorrow We Hunt is a young band from Zagreb, Croatia. In the beginning of 2013 they released 4 quickfire songs for their EP called Griefbearers, and it’s dark, raging hardcore with lyrics about discontent.

It’s definitely influenced by His Hero Is Gone or the 90s Bremen style hardcore commands, if you wish. You should know that there are still just a few bands in the area playing that style of hardcore. Tomorrow We Hunt is a band trying to make their sound as intense as they can possibly get, but I think they have a lot more to offer.

However, I’m extremely happy anytime I hear a band coming from ex-Yugo or Balkan countries playing modern melodic crust, even if it’s not that good as the Western or American bands we all know about. I hope the guys will keep it up in that direction, they’re definitely doing great stuff in their local scene, they have a lot of ideas and I’m sure the band will come up with some crushing new songs very soon.

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