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¡Tomar Control! – Lo que llevamos dentro

All women hardcore band from Perú ¡Tomar Control! has enough energy to knock you out.

Artist: ¡Tomar Control!

Title: Lo que llevamos dentro

Release: CD / Digital

Year: 2015

Label: Self Released

Women have their say in the hardcore scene, it isn’t just a place for so-called tough guys, and one of the strongest and fearless group of women comes from Perú, in South America. ¡Tomar Control! started to make noise and express themselves on 2014, making their way on the scene of their country, playing with a lot of bands, like Fuerza De Voluntad, Appraise and Paroximia. With their PMA, Positive Mental Attitude, they try to keep the Peruvian hardcore scene alive and well. And I think they are doing it just fine.

This album is fast, strong and very to the point. Think of Old School Hardcore, like Youth of Today and the early Uniform Choice, with that sense of brotherhood (sisterhood, in this case) that doesn’t feels fake at all. These girls want to win their place in the world and they are gonna take it by their own hands. Feminism, veganism, PMA and straight edge fill their lyrics, with a strong sense power to make a real change in the world. You can almost feel all the people chanting the lyrics and doing stage dives when you listen to this album.

Words can affect you. Maybe lyrics aren’t just something you put alongside with a cool black and white picture of show on a shirt, huh?

Even if they are very influenced by 80s hardcore, the production make us think of modern hardcore like True Love. The sound is tight and of high quality. It’s not lo-fi at all, like, say, the Japanese punk bands like Kuro or Gauze. This release could perfectly be on React! Records (And it totally should, since they already have worked with a band from South America, Remission). Resonant voice? Check. Hard-hitting guitars? Check. Clear and vibrating bass? Check. Fast and constant drumming? Check. Energy and a strong passion? CHECK!

So, if you like Old School Hardcore that’s very to the point and sounds clear and energetic, don’t waste your time and listen to this album. They are gonna tour South America soon, and the girls hope to tour Europe on 2017 as well, so stay tuned!

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