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Tobaïas – Self-Titled EP

Tobaïas formed in Bourg-en-Bresse (near Lyon) and released their awesome 6-tracks demo back in 2009

Tobaïas EP

Artist: Tobaïas
Title: Tobaïas
Release: 7″ EP
Year: 2011
Label: L’Artiisant, J’Appelle Les Flics, A L’Ombre De Cette Vie, No Way Asso

Tobaïas formed in Bourg-en-Bresse (near Lyon) and released their highly promising 6-tracks demo back in 2009. The Burgien quartet eventually went into a studio to record 4 new songs released on a 7″ in 2011 by four local DIY labels and followed by shows around the country.

It’s a definitive French emo record I’ve got from my friend Richard but the pressing of 300 copies makes it an obscure record outside of France. The four songs are built strongly around the sound of 90’s bands like Anomie, Peu Être, Carther Matha, etc. The lyrics are, no surprise here, in French and the sound production is really nice. The visually pleasant artwork is done by Hugues Le Corre (owner of Puzzle Records, drummer in 12XU, The Flying Worker!, Baron Noir, Neige Morte, singer in Veuve SS) and printed at the atelier of 103 (awesome squat in Grenoble).

Unfortunately Tobaïas didn’t release anything else on vinyl since their self-titled EP in 2011, but they managed to create a bandcamp profile with all their old songs available for free streaming/download plus a new song released on March 01 2014, inspiring me to write this piece about their 7″. This an awesome band and hope you’ll like them too!

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