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To Ashes – Liberation Through Destruction

To Ashes sound like exactly how you'd expect them to sound like, angry and straight up aggressive hardcore with ultra-militant lyrics

to ashes liberation through destrictionArtist: To Ashes

Title: Liberation Through Destruction

Release: Cassette Tape / Digital 

Year: 2015

Label: Bound By Modern Age

Vegan Straight Edge band from Bologna, Italy. To Ashes sound like exactly how you’d expect them to sound like, angry and straight up aggressive hardcore with ultra-militant lyrics. And although most of each song fall into the mid 90’s/Morning Again formula, there is enough variety to keep my interest. The songs in this demo are thrashier and more pissed off than most of the other VSXE mosh bands (Wolf Down, etc.), so it will appeal to both fans of the 90’s metallic hardcore and faster hardcore punk.

When I hear about a militant vegan straight edge band coming from Italy I always have associations with Absence, Purification or xDestroy Babylonx (and their influences are obvious), but instead of another sad piece of Hardline posturing or homophobic/anti-choice shit (some of those bands might have) here we have a band that upholds a clear anarchist and antiauthoritarian stance. The artwork is done by Thomas from xIRONx, currently my favorite European VSXE band. If you’re bored of youth crew copycats or mosh warrior potatoes, then this might be the straight edge band you’re looking for. Angry music for sober radicals and political activists that won’t leave you untouched.

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