Tigre – Contro tigre! EP

Long live the Turbo Oi! skinheads


Artist: Tigre

Title: Contro tigre!

Release: EP / Digital

Year: 2022

Label: Self-Released

I was recently introduced to the term “Turbo Oi” through Valentina Infrangibile’s revealing interview with Genoa’s Stiglitz for the webzine Creases Like Knives. Halfway through the interview, Lobo from Ligurian Oi! band Tigre joins the conversation to explain the origins and meaning of this half-humorous, half-serious term.

Well, actually, “Turbo Oi” was invented in the rehearsal room of Lobo’s old band Clear Cut, but is now used by various bands and written on show flyers, leaflets, shirts and bomber jackets. The “Turbo Oi! Skinhead” doesn’t compromise with any of the bootlickers, fencewalkers and cocaine addicts who call themselves punks or skins. It’s about recognising that we’re not living in the ’80s anymore and that there are other problems we have to face now, not just cosplaying the good old days. This attitude and its raw sound could best be described in Tigre’s Contro tigre! demo tape.

Tigre rock a mid to late ’90s Italian Oi! sound without sounding dated. Four songs with lyrics in their mother tongue about reviving counterculture identities for something better. Standing hard and strong for your own dignity and freedom. It’s not your age or how you dress, it’s your attitude that counts. The songs are really simple but melodic and full of heart. The third song “Oi! è la potenza” (Oi! It’s the power) is the essence of the “Turbo Oi” sound and message, so everyone should take note.

The Turbo Gang is here to stay and there’s no turning back.


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