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Things Fall Apart​/​Tall Ships Set Sail​/​Infro​/​Shizune – Split

13 DIY labels have been involved in this sweet 4-way split offering of under the radar emo/screamo music, where each band contributes with two tracks

screamo-split-coverArtists: Things Fall Apart / Tall Ships Set Sail / Infro / Shizune

Title: 4-Way Split 12″

Release: LP / Digital 

Year: 2014

Label: Kakusan Records, Ritual Tapes, Sorry Girls, Lion Sounds And Tiger Noises, New Village Tapes, Driftwood Records, Koepfen, Pikpik Records, Delayed Gratification, Unlock Yourself Records, Ancient Injury Records, Little League, Crewmannumbersixrecords

More than a dozen of international DIY labels have been involved in this sweet 4-way split offering of under the radar emo/screamo music, where each band contributes with two tracks. Limited to 300 copies this goodness comes in 200 vinyl plates of random mixed colours and 100 copies of pink/blue vinyl.

The side-a starts off with the energetic and upbeat indie-emo sound of Things Fall Apart from Columbus, OH. The catchy guitar work on the opener “Everyday Takes Me Further From You” reminds of the French band SPORT that I’ve been listening to all summer, while the second track “Virginia Woolf” easily classifies among the catchiest and most infectious tunes I’ve been listening to lately. Rhode Island’s Tall Ships Set Sail is next with their dorky style of late 90’s emo stuff. Song titles such as “Pizza Donut” and especially “Filet of Fish” are rather goofy, but who cares? This is lo-fi and quirky music without the pretentiousness of other genres.

In contrast to the US dominated side-a, the flipside of this 12″ vinyl is much more interesting. The biggest surprise is an obscure Japanese band called INFRO who are rocking out with some pretty rad tunes. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two songs are the only recordings they have available so far. Both of their songs are built up of amazing indie-driven guitars and exceptional vocals that only Japanese bands are capable of doing. If you’re already aware of bands like 1000 Travels of Jawaharlal, Dip Leg, Minority Blues Band, etc. you should be more than intrigued to check this out.

The only band on the split that I’ve been familiar with before listening to the record was Shizune from Italy. They’ve been around for quite some time with several 7″s and a split EP with Minus Tree (that I feel guilty of not having reviewed yet) behind their backs. Frenetic, technical and dynamic Shizune knows how to balance melodic and chaotic parts to perfection and manage to take the Italian screamo, which you’ve been familiar with through bands like Raein and La Quiete, to a whole new level. They simply sound fantastic and the two tracks presented here do not disappoint as well.

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